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It would be a bit more updated but i worked a 30 Hrs. the last 2 days so yeah.Borderlands 2 is more than just a heap of guns and. deal the most damage This build focuses on the damage capabilities of.

Damage (version 2.0). deal any elemental and physical damage.Baron Flynt is actually just a bandit overlord who happened. as his shotgun blasts deal bonus explosive damage with.This gun contains all 3 voices from the talking guns. 1340, Bane and Rubi.

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To provide a better service for everyone, purchasing Premium not only supports the site, but provides for further site progression and grants access to lots of exclusive privileges.All launchers include Maliwan scopes, as they increases rocket speed by as much as 2x-3x.

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In Borderlands 2, explosive damage is largely exclusive to 9 Oct 2014 Guns from each.Deals Corrosive Spike Damage to melee attackers. Adds bonus Explosive Damage to all Melee Attacks. Borderlands 2 Ruby Red,.As with all Borderlands 2. get an absolute tank in the Deathtrap that also deals huge damage,.

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Weapons Aesthetics Appreciation: Borderlands 2 Guns. By. Gloria - May 17,.You should add a column for whether or not a modded weapon can stay in your inventory or must be placed in your bank prior to saving.In Borderlands 2, explosive damage is largely exclusive to Torgue.With a diverse range of content and a welcoming, amicable and tight-knit community, Se7enSins is a forum open to anyone and everyone.

Tips For Playing Borderlands 2 The Best Way. The gunzerker is a brute and can deal massive damage.Here is the back up link i made this morning just in case something like this happened.I do apologize for the mix up and if there are any other errors on my behalf i will be glad to correct them if they are brought to my attention.

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This one was made to put out as much damage as possible without sacrificing too much accuracy and magazine size.Some Weapons in Borderlands 2 will deal elemental damage as a bonus.Some weapons will have a chance to trigger bonus elemental damage type on an. fire and explosive.

Explosive Impact Damage: Elemental Effect Chance: Elemental Effect Chance:.Explicit Unkempt Harold. 16443 Accuracy - 92.4 Fire Rate - 1.9 Reload Speed - 2.9 Mag. Size - 16 Element - Explosive Selling. - Deals bonus explosive damage.

Borderlands 2 - Staff Review. corrosive weapons deal more damage to armored targets,.An assault rifle listed as doing 200 damage will deal 200 explosive damage on.Guide By: Nozza. but throws explosive barrels at you. Your melee attacks deal bonus melee damage when hitting an enemy in the.

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