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We are talking about how you can prepare for the digital TV transition.

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If you are currently using rabbit ears or a rooftop antenna for TV service you will need to get a DTV converter box before the big switch on February 17, 2009.Americans who want a converter box permitting older televisions to receive digital broadcasts will be eligible for federal subsidies, according to new rules announced.

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With the DTV Converter Box Coupon Program ending on July 31, DTV Assistance Centers and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund (LCCREF) are urging.Digital TV transition deadline is. information about digital-to-analog converter boxes, FCC coupons,. the cost of digital-to-analog converter boxes,.

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Get the latest news and updates about your favorite coupon and promo deals.

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The digital-to-analog converter box coupon program is a result of the digital.They think we already applied for the coupon but we never applied it an.

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The federal agencies responsible for the national digital television transition are stepping up outreach efforts and will again be distributing converter box coupons.

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What is a digital-to-analog converter box and how do I get one.

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I have never applied for dtv coupon and yet, they rejected me.NTIA: DTV Converter Box Coupon Program When the United States transitioned to fully-digital broadcasts, the National Telecommunications Information Administration.

A DTV DIGITAL converter box is an easy-to-install electronic device that hooks up to your analog television set and over-the-air antenna and converts the digital.A digital converter box connects to your existing TV and allows it to receive free over-the-air digital TV signals.PO Box 2000 Portland, OR 97208 BY FAX 1-877-DTV-4ME2 Do you have a TV in your home that works with.I never did receive any and do not have any Digital TV Service.DTV converter box coupon program offers replacements Also, the TV Converter Box Coupon Program is mailing coupons via first-class mail now so consumers will receive.Digital Converter Box Coupon Site. and will need a digital to analog converter box.Initially, all households in the U.S. and its territories are eligible.

Shop now and enjoy our best prices with no need for a promo or coupon code.The US Government is now issuing coupons for up to two DTV converter boxes.

Learn how to the transition to digital tv will affect you and what the government is doing to.All eligible US households with a valid mailing address may apply for coupon applications.

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The NTIA Converter Box Coupon Program. but the picture will generally be better with a TV converter box.TV Converter Box Coupon Program Frequently Asked Questions Background on Digital Television Transition 1.

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The Federal Government has resumed issuing converter box rebate coupons for the digital TV transition.

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These boxes will allow people who receive over the air (antenna.Here is a list of the certified retailers that have been approved by the federal government to sell the DTV converter boxes and redeem the coupons.Find huge savings promising Directv coupons and get your wanted packages or equipment for less, plus check our coupon codes to get. designated box at the time.But millions more are on a waiting list, waiting for funding to become available.

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But you can order converter boxes online cheaper than in store.

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